Day 5 of “Diving into Disney”: Merlin


Good Morning Friends!

Imagine entering the lifestyle and you had a teacher or mentor who could tell you everything you needed to know about being an Adult Little? Imagine having a friend who would help push you to do things you had only dreamed of, and to help you discover the person that you’re meant to be inside? In Disney’s “The Sword in the Stone”, Merlin does just that. Today we are going to dive into the power of teaching and passing on wisdom, because we all have knowledge to share. Are you ready? Then, let’s jump in!

I. Merlin: 

Teach: Sharing our insights and what we have learned with others, to mentor them.

In Disney’s “The Sword in the Stone”, young Arthur is a boy living in oppressive conditions as the house servant. He is forced into a life of obedience without question, and spends his hours scrubbing the castle from sun up to sun down. One day while out hunting with the castle Master and his page, Arthur is sent into a dark forest to retrieve a lost arrow. He scurries over branches and thick brambles, before suddenly losing his footing and tumbles (quite literally) through the roof of Merlin’s thatched hut! Merlin, the great, and powerful wizard, had been expecting the young boy. So immediately upon his arrival he offered him tea and biscuits. Arthur marvels at the dancing dishes and talking owl, Archimedes, who explains that they know magic.

Throughout the movie Merlin shares his wisdom with Arthur. He doesn’t hoard his knowledge, but instead gives it away freely. He teaches him about how flight works. He explains how fish breathe underwater and the physics of how a fin propels a fish to move. He explains the dynamics of a romantic relationship, and all the while Arthur is absorbing every piece of knowledge. We can all be like Merlin and share the knowledge that we’ve gained. If we lift each other up as a community, and share what we’ve learned, then we will be better off as one whole.

II. Disney Bounding Outfit: 


III. Little Space Activity: Make a Wand!  


Today’s Little Space activity is to make a wand using a hot glue gun, a regular pencil (not mechanical), and acrylic paint. Begin by taking the glue gun and drawing designs all over the pencil. You can do rings or swirls, but you want to fully coat the pencil all over. Then let the pencil completely dry. Several hours later when the glue has hardened paint over the glue and watch your wand come to life! All of those ridges and bumps will suddenly be painted over to look like a real wand! In this final step of painting and designing your wand you can also add jewels or a marble to make it feel more authentic.


IV. Personal Development Lesson: 

So many times I’ve had Littles come and speak to me privately all saying relatively the same thing: “I wish I knew how to get started in the lifestyle”. To all of my fellow Littles who are experienced in the community my message to you is this: share your wisdom and experiences. Publish books. Write a blog about your journey. Every bit of wisdom that you can share, do so. Discovering that you’re an Adult Little can feel daunting and sometimes scary, but there is a whole community just waiting to embrace you if only we would be more open and vocal. Hop onto the forums and other Cg/l resources to discover the people out there who are just like you. ❤ In today’s printable you will be given the following questions:

What is one part of yourself that you wish to “unearth” and learn about more deeply? Is there something that you’ve been meaning to reflect and explore, but you haven’t taken time to do so? If so, how can you make time for reflection and introspection?

** Click here for today’s printable! ** 

Don’t forget to come watch “The Sword in the Stone” with me and my friends, tonight on our Discord server at 7 PM PST . Due to last night being cancelled, we will have a double-feature tonight showing both “Wreck It Ralph” AND “The Sword in the Stone”. I can’t wait to see and chat with all of you!!

Much love,

~Penny xx

P.S.- If you love watching “The Sword in the Stone” then you’ll definitely love watching these other versions of the Merlin and King Arthur story. I hope you give them a view and let me know what you think! 🙂









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