Day 6 of “Diving into Disney”: Mary Poppins


Good Afternoon Friends!

I hope you all are doing well. Today we are back with Day 6 of the “Diving into Disney” workshop for Littles. I have enjoyed hanging out with all of you here and on Discord each and every night. For those new to my blog, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Penny Berry. I’m an Adult Little who happily blogs, publishes books, and hosts events for Littles online! 🙂 Throughout this workshop we have been focusing on Disney characters who are considered good role models for adult Littles. Each character has displayed a certain character trait that is beneficial for Littles to learn and understand. Today we will be talking about Mary Poppins! Are you ready? Then, let’s dive in!

I. Mary Poppins: 

Integrity: a moral code that one adheres to including honor, truth, and reliability.

“Mary Poppins… practically perfect in every way”. These are the words that Mary Poppins said to the Banks’ children when they measured her with her special, magical tape measure. And throughout the movie she demonstrates the true integrity of her character. The father, George Banks, gives a laundry list of requirements that the new nanny must adhere to. Most people would cringe at such a particular list of high standards. But Mary Poppins flies in, (literally on her umbrella) and puts the parents at ease. Immediately she sets to work helping the Banks children understand responsibility, punctuality, and discipline. Often she can be seen glancing at her watch saying, “come along children, spit spot! And off we go!”. (That line always makes me smile, hehe!). She is punctual because she has a respect for the time of others and she imparts these values to Jane and Michael Banks. She teaches them to be honest and forthcoming, even when they make mistakes (like running away from their previous nanny in the park). She teaches them to be honorable in their actions and to do things with intention… all while making life fun and magical. 😉

II. Disney Bounding Outfit: 


III. Little Space Activity: Do Chalk Drawings Outside! 


In today’s Little Space activity, head outside to your driveway with some chalk to create a picture just like Burt does in the movie. In the movie, one of his many odd jobs is to get paid to draw pictures for people to admire in the park. In one such landscape picture, Mary Poppins leads Burt and the children into the picture itself to a whimsical, magical world. They ride on carousel horses, race in a horse race, and eat candy apples. (It’s also where they sing “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”). Today I challenge you to get messy and create your own fun pictures on the driveway.


IV. Personal Development Lesson: 

Lastly, I’d like to discuss how we can have integrity in our own Cg/l relationships and as adult Littles. As you enter into a D/s relationship, you will be required to give some form of power exchange with your dominant. As such, you will need to learn to obey and follow their command. They will expect you to have open, honest communication at all times with them. They will want you to be true to who you are, as you both sit down and fill in your relationship contract. They will want you to be reliable in your actions as you follow the rules put in place for you. This is especially important if you are a long distance couple! You will need to demonstrate that you place a high value on your relationship over the other things in life. You will need to learn to balance it all, while still making time for your dominant to play and have fun together. It isn’t easy, but it certainly can be done. ❤ By being open, honest, reliable, punctual, giving, and compassionate you will be showing your dominant that you have integrity.

In today’s printable you will be given the following critical thinking questions:

Critical Thinking Questions: Have you ever been faced with a situation in which it was difficult to tell the truth? What did you do? How do you demonstrate integrity to your dominant in your relationship?

** Click here for today’s printable!**

Don’t forget to come watch “Mary Poppins” with me and my friends, tonight on our Discord server at 7 PM PST . I can’t wait to see and chat with all of you!!

Much love,

~Penny xx

P.S.- If you love watching “Mary Poppins” then you’ll definitely love watching these other versions of the story. I hope you give them a view and let me know what you think! 🙂



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