Day 9 of “Diving into Disney”: Robin Hood


Good Afternoon Friends!

I remember the first time that I watched “Robin Hood” as a child. “Mom” I asked her, “Robin Hood robs from the rich to give to the poor. Is that wrong?”. I had always thought that stealing was just plain wrong. But it was Robin Hood that made me laugh and squeal with glee as he undermined the mean, old King John. The story of Robin Hood was first written 1883 by Howard Pyle. He titled his work, “The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood”, and it’s no surprise because Robin is always getting into some mischief. And while Robin is the classic vigilante, he also teaches us many lessons about generosity during hard times. That, my friends, is what we’re going to discuss further today. Are you ready? Then, let’s dive in! 🙂

I. Robin Hood: 

Generosity: allows us to give from what we have in abundance because we know that our aim is to help care for others just as we care for ourselves.

The setting of “Robin Hood” takes place in the U.K. at a time when King Richard was away during the Crusades. His brother, King John, had taken over and began to tax the people of England for every pound they had. His greed defined his reign as king, and so Robin Hood and his daring sidekick, Little John, set out to help steal back some money to give to the people. What’s fascinating about Robin Hood isn’t his expert use of the bow and arrow. It isn’t about how agile he is to outwit the king and his army of guards. Nor is it his cunning charm as he weasels his way into the archery competition to win the kiss of his true love, Maid Marian. Robin Hood steals pounds of gold many times over, yet he doesn’t keep any of it for himself. Instead, he gives it all away to the people of the England. He lives like a peasant and seeks refuge from those who respect his generosity and compassion.

Though we are taught that stealing is wrong, it is equally as wrong to take from those who have so little to give. King John took so much money from the people that families began to starve. Robin Hood sought to change that. It is a story that makes you think about perspective and compassion during dark times. ❤

II. Disney Bounding Outfit: 


III. Little Space Activity: Construct Robin Hood’s Hat from a Brown Paper Grocery Bag! 


For today’s Little Space Activity we will be constructing Robin Hood’s hat from just a few, simple supplies around the house. For this craft you will need the following:

  • 1 brown paper grocery bag
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 pencil and eraser
  • 1 stapler, tape, or glue
  • 1 box of crayons


Begin by cutting open the bag to lay completely flat.


Cut and remove the bottom/middle portion of the bag. Now you have two large flat pieces.


Place one piece on top of the other and staple together to make a middle seam.


Open the pieces back up. Now you have one large, flat piece of paper and you’re ready to begin folding and assembling your hat!


Fold the paper to the left (like a book) with the fold on the right hand side.


Start 2 inches above the bottom left corner of the paper, and make a small mark with a pencil. Then make a small mark at the top right corner. Carefully draw a curved line to connect the two points. Your curve should bow towards the upper left corner.


Carefully cut along the curved line.


Next, turn the hat to the side and fold in the brim. Then repeat for the other side.


Using a stapler, tape, or glue, seal the back edge of the hat. I placed the stapler to show where the back edge is.


Now grab your middle piece of the bag! This will be the feather!


Cut out a basic feather shape. I used red and white crayons to color mine, but I encourage you to use whatever colors you like!


Color the feather. Then make cuts along the edge to make it look more feather-like.


Tape, glue, or staple the feather into the hat.


And you’re done! :smile: Enjoy your Robin Hood hat!! :heart:

IV. Personal Development Lesson: 

Today I’d like to discuss generosity. So often we talk about what our dominant can do for us as Littles. I’ve written at length about the importance of the dominant placing rules, structure, and guidelines to uplift their submissive, and while all of that is true, today I’d like to focus on what we can do for our dominants! Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Cook their favorite meal and serve it to them complete with a smiley on top. (I like to use condiments to make the 🙂 ).
  • Give them a massage if they have sore muscles.
  • Draw them a pretty picture to make them smile.
  • Put on their favorite music and pull them up to dance!
  • Shop at their favorite store and give them a small gift of something they’ve been longing for.
  • Turn off your phone/electronic devices and give them your undivided attention. The gift of time is priceless.
  • Get in your pajamas and watch a favorite movie together.
  • Surprise them with a picnic lunch out on the patio or the front yard.

In today’s printable you will receive the following critical thinking questions:

Critical Thinking Questions: What are some ways that you can give to your dominant? What are some ways that you can give back, or contribute to the Cg/l Community? What is one way that you can give back to your local community for the remainder of 2020?

** To get today’s printable, click here! **

Don’t forget to come watch “Robin Hood” with me and my friends, tonight on our Discord server at 7 PM PST . Tonight we will be showing the following double-feature:

  • Disney’s “Robin Hood” (animated) beginning at 7pm PST
  • “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” beginning at 9pm PST

I can’t wait to see and chat with all of you!!

Much love,

~Penny xx

P.S.- If you love watching “Robin Hood” then you’ll definitely love watching these other versions of the story. I hope you give them a view and let me know what you think! 🙂







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