Day 10 of “Diving into Disney”: Ariel


Good Morning Friends!

Yesterday was a crazy day, so my apologies for this post being a tad late. Last night we streamed “The Little Mermaid” and “The Little Mermaid II.” on Discord. Thank you to everyone who showed up and turned out for the movies. ❤ 🙂 If you’re interested in joining our group of Littles and Dominants you can find us here: use that code in Discord to get into the server. Then, accept the welcome rules and you’ll be redirected to the general chat channel. I can’t wait to chat with all of you!

I. Ariel: 

Determined: the ability to make difficult decisions and accomplish your goals.

There is no doubt that Ariel fits the bill when it comes to having determination. Far before she met Prince Eric, she longed to walk on land and experience everything that humans do. She had a whole grotto of treasure from sunken ships and yearned to understand their meaning and use. Then, she met Prince Eric and experienced love at first sight. Her heart became ever more determined to become a human, so much so, that she signed away her voice to the evil witch Ursula. Admittedly, it wasn’t a wise choice and she had to find another way to achieve her goal of getting Prince Eric to fall in love with her (authentically). But Ariel had determination, grit, and a few helpful friends to help her reach her goal. We can all learn from her that when things look grim and life throws us obstacles, sometimes we have to change course. We need to step back and find another way to reach our goal. But if we work really hard, we can do anything we put our mind to.

II. Disney Bounding Outfit: 


III. Little Space Activity: Make a Mermaid from a Toilet Paper Roll:


Step 1: Get a toilet paper tube and wrap a strip of green paper around it.


Step 2: Cut out a tail and staple it behind the back of the body.


Step 3: Choose a color your the hair. Cut out a strip of paper. I made small cuts in the paper to add texture to her hair. You can also glue on beads or jewels to make your mermaid fancy. Glue on the hair.


Step 4: Glue on 2 shells of any color and begin to give your mermaid detail! Give them a face and some scales! And you’re done! ❤ Enjoy your mermaid!

IV. Personal Development Lesson: 

Today I’d like to focus on how to stay “determined” in your Cg/l relationship, especially if your relationship is long distance. Personally, I have been in a long distance D/s relationship before and I can attest that it’s difficult. You want to be with your partner but the many miles make it difficult. You yearn for play sessions for you must be patient until that particular date on the calendar arrives when you can be together again. I completely understand. My advice to you is to focus on the things you can do, versus the things you cannot.

Share a meal together on video chat. Hop onto and laugh at cute videos or stream a cartoon that you can watch in Little Space. Have your dominant read aloud a picture book to you via video chat. Dig deep and stay determined to make your relationship work. If the foundation of the relationship is solid, you can make long distance work. ❤ You’ve got this!

Since I am a bit late on this post, I will simply post today’s critical thinking questions here. Please feel free to write them down on a piece of paper to collect with your other Disney journal pages. Today’s questions are as follows:

What is your largest obstacle in your D/s relationship? Brainstorm some ways to overcome it or make it less impacting. What are some other areas of your life in which you need determination to succeed? If you feel comfortable, share them with your dominant. ❤

Don’t forget to come watch “Beauty and the Beast” with me and my friends, tonight on our Discord server at 5 PM PST . Tonight we will be showing the following double-feature:

  • Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” (animated) beginning at 5pm PST


  • “Beauty and the Beast” (live action) beginning at 7pm PST


I can’t wait to see and chat with all of you!!

Much love,

~Penny xx

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