Day 11 of “Diving into Disney”: Belle


Good Afternoon Friends!

I hope you all are having a wonderful day. Today we are talking about a “tale as old as time…”. We are clutching the enchanted rose as we invite you to “be our guest” and dive into this story of finding beauty within. The story of “Beauty and the Beast” was originally written in French (in 1740) and was titled, “La Belle et la Bete” by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve. This fairy tale tells the story of a vain prince who hosted lavish parties for the nobles of his land. The royal prince was so shallow that he often mocked those who he viewed as less beautiful than himself. One night an old beggar woman came to the castle to give the prince a gift. When the prince took one look at the woman he scorned her in front of the nobility and cast her away. But before she left, she transformed to reveal herself as a powerful enchantress. She cursed the royal prince to be as hideous as a beast, and gave him an enchanted rose that slowly began to wither and die. If the beast could find someone who could love him for who he is inside then the spell would be broken. But if the last petal falls and true love still hasn’t come then he would remain a beast forever. Are you ready to dive more into this story with me? 🙂 Then, let’s jump in!

I. Belle: 

Sincerity: is earnest honesty that is readily doing what is right, with pure and loving intention.

Meanwhile, in the French countryside (the Provincial region to be exact), a young girl lived alone with her father. Her father, Maurice, was an inventor and an eclectic man who dared for his daughter to dream. He encouraged her to defy traditional gender roles and instead helped her to read, write, and spend her days learning. And Belle did just that. With a passion for books and stories, she gains a wealth of knowledge which helps her to understand the Beast better when she lives in the castle. Throughout the movie Belle displays honesty and sincerity in many ways. She tells Gaston that she adamantly refuses to be his wife (despite the pressure and gossiping from the local townsfolk). She stands up for herself to the Beast when he loses his temper, and tells him that he needs to learn to control his tongue. She openly (but respectfully) speaks her mind to the wardrobe when she is getting ready for the formal dinner and knows what look she desires to wear. Belle is sincere in her actions, speech, and thought and that makes her an excellent role model for Littles.

II. Disney Bounding Outfit: 


III. Little Space Activity: Rose Hand Print Art! 

Step 1: Begin by drawing the dome that holds the flower.


Step 2: Paint your hand red. Keeping your fingers closed together, press your hand to the paper and make the rose!


Step 3: Draw a stem to your flower. You can do with this marker, crayon, or paint. :slight_smile:


Step 4: Paint your thumb and make thumbprints to represent falling rose petals.



IV. Personal Development Lesson: 

Today I’d like to touch upon sincerity in Cg/l relationships. In all that you do may you be sincere with your actions. When you begin your Cg/l relationship, there are steps that need to be taken. You need to sit down and fill out a kinks, fetishes, and fantasies checklist. Then, you will fill out a Cg/l contract that outlines your hard and soft limits, your schedule, and the rules that your dominant wants you to follow. Each of these steps must be taken with absolute honesty and sincerity. Never do anything that you don’t want to do. Speak up and let your authentic feelings be heard. You are a Little whether you have a dominant or not. It’s who you are inside. Whether you want to identify with the community and call yourself an adult little, or you simply prefer to call it an “inner child” the feeling that remains is the same. There is a part of your being that is youthful, whimsical, full of joy and light. And it is that voice that must always remain sincere and true to whatever you’re feeling. Your dominant will want you to be open and honest about any emotions that bubble up. So always remain transparent in your communication and you won’t go wrong. ❤

Today your critical thinking questions are as follows:

When you are in a relationship with someone, how do you demonstrate sincerity? What are some qualities that you look for in a partner? When you act, think, and behave around your dominant, are you being 100% sincere with your actions and feelings at all times? If not, in what areas can you improve?

Don’t forget to come watch “Beauty and the Beast” with me and my friends, tonight on our Discord server at 5 PM PST . Tonight we will be showing the following double-feature:

  • Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” (animated) beginning at 5pm PST


  • “Beauty and the Beast” (live action) beginning at 7pm PST


I can’t wait to see and chat with all of you!!

Much love,

~Penny xx


  1. “Your dominant will want you to be open and honest about any emotions that bubble up. So always remain transparent in your communication and you won’t go wrong.” Very well said!

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