Day 13 of “Diving into Disney”: Mufasa


Good Evening Friends!

I hope you all are doing well. My apologies for the lack of posting for the past couple of days. As the start of school began things got a bit busy here on the farm. But I’m here, and we’re going to press on with the “30 Days of Diving into Disney”. Today we’re going to dive into “The Lion King” and the character trait: dependability. Are you ready? Then, let’s dive in!

I. Mufasa: 

Dependable: is being constantly reliable and trustworthy. It allows us to continue our commitments even if it means personal sacrifice.

What did you feel like the first time you watched “The Lion King”? Personally, I cried a bucket of tears and you all know the part that I’m talking about. From the start, Mufasa pulls Simba close to his side and teaches him that “everything the light touches is our kingdom”. They go on a stroll through the safari and he explains that everything is a circle of life. One day Mufasa’s time will pass as king, and he will die and go into the grass. The antelopes eat the grass and thus, everything is connected in the Great Circle of Life. It’s a beautiful scene.

As Simba is manipulated by going into the valley (by Scar), it was nearly a death sentence. Scar wanted to be next in line for the throne. But Mufasa, ever the dependable king, sacrificed his life to save his son. The whole scene is deeply touching and sad. But it teaches us a valuable lesson: the most respected people are those who are trustworthy and reliable… even in the face of great danger.

II. Disney Bounding Outfit: 


III. Little Space Activity: Make Lion-Fork Art 

For this activity, gather up paint, a fork, and construction paper. Paint a yellow circle and then a lion’s face. Next, take the back of a fork and “paint” the mane with various colors. Let it dry, and you’re done! Enjoy your Mufasa picture! ❤


IV. Personal Development Lesson: 

When we think about D/s relationships, we often use the word “dependable”. Dominants are expected to be dependable so their submissive can rely upon them. They must earn their trust to be able to guide them. But how can we, as submissives, be dependable for our dominants? That will be today’s lesson. 🙂

As Littles we can be a constant, reliable ray of light and positivity to our dominants. We can draw them pictures or tell them silly jokes to make them smile. We can laugh and play in Little Space to make them feel good. We can let them guide us, which will in turn make them feel important, needed, and wanted. We can also turn to our dominant to share our innermost thoughts. When our dominant is having a bad day, we can shift into being a gentle source of comfort. Day after day as you love on your dominant, and follow their guidance, you are being a dependable part of their life. They are depending upon you to fulfill their need for a Little. So let your beautiful light shine, my friends! ❤

Today’s critical thinking questions are as follows:

How can you be dependable for your loved ones and your dominant? Who is someone dependable in your life that you admire?

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Much love,

~Penny xx

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