Day 17 of “Diving into Disney”: Pocahontas

Good Morning Friends!

First off, can we all just agree that the new WordPress block editor makes us want to stab out our eyes with a pencil? Personally I hate it and miss the classic editor dearly. But, I digress. Moving onto happier thoughts, today we are diving into the “Colors of the Wind” and interracial love. Yes, last night on Discord we watched “Pocahontas II.” as a group and discussed just how wise and eloquent Pocahontas is. This is why today’s character trait we are focusing on is wisdom. Are you ready to learn more about Pocahontas with me? Then, let’s dive in.

I. Pocahontas:

Wisdom: the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

The real Pocahontas lived from 1595-1617. She died at the age of 22. Yet, in her life she made many strides to help her people. In the Disney film, Pocahontas was portrayed as helping negotiate between the settlers and her tribe. In reality, while she did try to help quell the violence between the settlers at Jamestown and her tribe on the outskirts of town, violence still continued. Eventually Pocahontas was taken captive as a prisoner and it was in captivity that she met her future husband, John Rolf. (In the Disney films, John Rolf is portrayed as an ambassador to King James of England. In reality he was a tobacco farmer living in Virginia). Pocahontas went on to be baptized into Christianity and took the name “Rebecca”. She and John Rolf married and had one son named Thomas.

While all of these details were left out of the movies, there were a few pieces of Pocahontas’ story that Disney managed to weave in with accuracy and importance. Pocahontas represented the Powhatan people with pride and courage. She had the wisdom to understand that violence doesn’t solve anything, and spoke out for equality and freedom. She chose the path of kindness and compassion by giving corn, beans, and squash to the settlers, which saved many from starvation in the early years as Jamestown was being built. Pocahontas had enough life experience and understanding to know how to communicate between the English colonists, and her people, and to say the things that needed to be said to promote peace and understanding. Her wisdom and compassion is the very reason that she is an excellent role model for Littles! 🙂

II. Disney Bounding Outfit:

III. Little Space Activity: Make Popcorn “Corn” Husks!


  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1 tsp. water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 3 cups marshmallows
  • Several drops of yellow food coloring


  1. Melt the ingredients above together over medium-low heat until it forms a sticky mixture.
  2. Pour over a bowl of popped popcorn and fold through until mixed completely.
  3. Mold into corn shapes and place on a plate or tray.
  4. Wrap with green tissue paper and serve!

IV. Personal Development Lesson:

Wisdom. There are so many times, as Adult Littles, when we have to “adult” and we can’t be Little. There are times when our dominant needs us in a more mature head space and we can’t regress at that very moment. It is then that we use our best judgment and wisdom to shift into a space of compassion and service in a more adult manner. (Note: I believe that in a full-time D/s relationship, you can still nurture and uplift your dominant while still assuming the role of submissive. You simply shift from Little Space to a more mature submissive head space. But always you honor your dominant and their role ❤ ).

It can be difficult when our dominant is having an “off” day. Maybe they are struggling with mental health issues. Perhaps they have stress from external factors (money, job, family, etc.) that is impacting their mood and preventing them from entering their role as your caregiver. Know that many of us have experienced this very same problem. Dominants, just like everyone, ebb and flow. They evolve and learn how they want to best navigate their role as a dominant. There is no “set checklist” of how your dominant should be, or needs to be. Instead, listen to your partner and work together to figure out how you want your Cg/l relationship to be, because we all have different wants and needs. (This is a mark of wisdom and maturity 😉 ). I’m cheering you on!

Don’t forget to come chat with me and all of my Little and Dominant friends on: Tonight we will be watching “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” from 5-7 pm PST. I hope you will join us!! ❤

I can’t wait to chat with all of you!!

Much love,

~Penny xx


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