50 Quarantine Virtual Date Ideas for You and Your Dominant!

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Good Evening Friends!

A while ago I posted a “100 Date Ideas For You and Your Dom”. So many of you reached out to me to leave sweet comments, and it simply made my day. 🙂 So, thank you! Since the pandemic hit at the start of this year 2020 has been…. weird! For many it has been life changing. For others it has been difficult mentally. One of the most difficult aspects has been self-isolating at home. Being isolated can really take a toll on your mental health. Human beings were meant to be social creatures. 🙂 As such, if you are in a long distance relationship, or you are apart from your partner right now, I hope this list below gives you tons of inspiration for virtual dates with your dominant! ❤ May you go on many virtual dates and continue to nourish your relationship until this pandemic is all over and you can embrace again!

Much love,

~Penny xx

50 Quarantine Virtual Date Ideas For You and Your Dominant!

  1. Edge Play: have a play session together and squirm as your dominant edges you over and over. Listen to their command on the phone or headset as they push you closer to orgasm… but then, tell you to stop! 😉
  2. Movie Dates: Watch a BDSM themed movie together. There are many platforms to sync up the movie together. (I recommend watching “The Secretary”. It’s kinky and really well made).
  3. Mukbang: Have a meal together over video chat. Spice things up by having your dominant order you to put food on your body parts and lick it off.
  4. Long Distance Sex Toys: There are a ton of long distance sex toys to experiment with. From vibrators to fleshlights, there is something for every LDR couple to enjoy together and apart!
  5. Letter Scavenger Photo Hunt: Send your submissive out to take a picture of things in their community that form the letters D-A-D-D-Y or M-O-M-M-Y !
  6. Words with Friends: This game is wonderful to have on your mobile so you can play with your dominant when you both have down time. (And it gets your brain thinking too!).
  7. Fashion Show: Dress up in your favorite outfits and send pretty pictures (via text) to your dominant!
  8. Karaoke App: If you love to sing, try getting a karaoke app to sing with your dominant. It doesn’t matter if you can carry a tune. Just relax and sing the night away.
  9. Scribbl.io and Draw Pile: These two games are wonderful to draw pictures, laugh, and try to guess what the other person is drawing.
  10. Watch2Gether: This platform is wonderful to stream YouTube videos in a private chat room together. (No registration required!). Try watching a “Try Not to Laugh Challenge” video together!
  11. Cooking Challenge: Try to cook the same dish with your dominant at the same time! Laugh the night away as you bustle in your own kitchens together and apart.
  12. Icebreaker Questions on Video Chat: Hop on video chat and ask each other “Getting to Know You” questions! (You can even do naughty questions. 😉 ).
  13. Wine Tasting: Purchase a few bottles of wine that you both like to drink, then hop on video chat and have your own at-home wine tasting! (Bonus points if you have a light nibble with it too!).
  14. Strip Questions: Play “Truth or Dare” together. If you decide to skip a question… remove a piece of clothing!
  15. Pet Play and Obedience Training: For those into pet play, there are many ways you can do this from afar. Have your sub sit, stay, roll over, play “pretend fetch”, make soft barks or meows, etc. This is best when done on video chat.
  16. Play Steam Games Together: Steam is an excellent platform to use when finding couple-games to play together. Some great ones include: Trine, Portal 2, Stardew Valley, and more!
  17. Culture Swap Foodie Night: Pick a recipe from your childhood and swap it with your dominant! Cook each other’s favorite dishes and enjoy the new flavors.
  18. Memory Lane Photo Show and Tell: Pull out that box of photos and show off each one over video chat to each other. It’s great to learn more about your partner.
  19. Sports Day: Take in a sports game together… right at home! Many major sports leagues now live-stream their games, so tune in together. (Bonus points if you make a special treat to eat while you’re watching).
  20. A Day in the Life Activity: Leave your webcams on for one day and let your dominant see into your everyday life at home! Let them see you working, hanging out, talking online, etc. It’s nice to see the “real you” in your normal environment.
  21. Bedtime Routine Together: Have your dominant talk to you before bed, read you a story, and then paint pictures in each others mind before you drift off to sleep. You can even go over your night time checklist together.
  22. Movie Marathon: There are many movies that are the perfect list to binge and marathon watch together. A few include: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Back to the Future.
  23. Workout Together: Try a workout video together and break a sweat as a couple! This is especially important since we are all sitting at home in isolation.
  24. Just Dance 2: This fun dance game is a great way to get moving while rocking out to music together.
  25. Painting Tutorial (While Sharing Your Screen Online): Follow a painting tutorial on YouTube (I recommend Art Sherpa) together as you paint pictures. You can share your screen with your partner on Discord (for free!). Giggle together as you watch the painting come together.
  26. Have an Indoor Picnic (or a Teddy Bear Picnic!): Whip up some sandwiches and snacks as you have an indoor picnic. You can even pull out your plushies and have a virtual tea party together!
  27. Learn a Language Together: There are many free programs out there to learn a language together with your partner. If your dominant (or you!) happens to speak a second language, try having them teach you a few new words!
  28. Morning Cartoon Date: Snuggle up together on a weekend morning and watch your favorite cartoons together. It’s relaxing, cozy, and deeply enjoyable.
  29. Dual Jigsaw Puzzles: Purchase the same jigsaw puzzle online together and then try to complete it at home! (Bonus points if you take pictures to update each other of your progress. Remember to chat on voice or the phone while you’re completing your puzzle).
  30. Read Aloud Chapter Books: Grab your favorite chapter book and have your dominant read aloud to you. Curl up and just drift away to the sound of their voice and the story being told.
  31. Care Package Swap: Sending a care package is a wonderful way to show your partner that you love them. Swap addresses. Then fill up a flat rate box and ship it to their house! It’s like getting holiday presents early! ❤
  32. BDSM Kinky Question Night: There are tons of fun BDSM themed questions to ask each other as you sit on voice chat and have a kinky question night. Dive in and discover your partner’s tastes.
  33. Sunrise Video Date: Wake up early and watch the sunrise together on video chat. It’s like you’re together connected under one sky.
  34. Stargazing Date at the Same Time: Stay up late with your dominant and star gaze together at the same time. You can even try to find constellations with this free chart!
  35. Virtual Cuddles: It’s hard to cuddle when you’re apart from your partner. However, there are ways to lessen the feeling of being apart. Have both partners get into their pajamas and crawl in bed. Then, place your video chat device on a pillow next to you and hug the pillow. You can even kiss the screen! Just share in a virtual cuddle and love with each other.
  36. Animal Crossing Date: If you love kawaii games, then Animal Crossing is for you. This game is on the Nintendo Switch and is wildly popular among the Cg/l Community. Hop in game with your partner and create a virtual kawaii world together.
  37. Write Each Other Letters (and mail them!): Nothing says love like a handwritten letter. Swap addresses and send each other letters, cards, and postcards. Over time, you’ll be so happy to have a collection of these love notes.
  38. Sexting and Erotic Roleplay: Spice things up by sexting (sexy texting) or erotic roleplay. The Captain and I thoroughly enjoy erotic roleplay as it’s like writing your own erotic novel with each other.
  39. Make a Playlist Together: Spotify is an excellent platform to create a playlist and share with your dominant. You can make playlists for Little Space, Driving, Happy Times, Sad Times, and more. Dive into music together and share your tastes and favorite bands.
  40. Plan a Vacation Together: Planning a vacation is so much fun, but it’s hard to travel in the pandemic right now. A great way to beat the “cabin fever” blues is to plan a vacation together for AFTER the pandemic being over.
  41. Visit the Zoo Virtually: There are many zoos that have live streams running 24/7 of their cute animal exhibits. Hop online to a virtual zoo exhibit and enjoy watching together.
  42. Visit an Aquarium Virtually: Likewise there are many aquariums that have live streams running 24/7 for you and your dominant to tune into together. Immerse yourself in jellyfish cams, coral tanks, shark exhibits, and more!
  43. Have a Trivia Date: Trivia night is such a fun way to play a game with your partner while connecting and learning something new. Rotate the theme each week as you weave in this regular, fun nightly date activity!
  44. Attend a Virtual BDSM Munch Together: Try attending a virtual munch on Discord! There are many wonderful servers (including mine ❤ ) that have communities where you can meet people in the lifestyle while staying safe at home.
  45. Have a Date in Virtual Reality: VR headsets are all the rage now, and it’s no surprise as you can do just about anything in VR! Go out to a club, or go for a walk on a beach together, as you both sync up headsets and jump into many, immersive VR games online.
  46. Make a Home Coffee Shop Date: With a cup of coffee or tea, and a batch of warm scones you are ready for a coffee shop date… while safely social isolating! If you and your dominant love to cook, try making a fun breakfast wrap while chatting on video chat with each other. Then, sit down and enjoy breakfast together. ❤
  47. Write Letters to Your Future Selves: Futureme.org is an excellent site to write a future letter to yourselves. As you grow, thrive, and change in the lifestyle… write a letter to your future self about where you want to be as a dominant or submissive 1 year from now.
  48. Have an Animal Play Date: There is a wonderful app called Petcube. Petcube is the most popular app for live video streaming and playing with real pets. With a legion of pet lovers and pet parents, join our App-based community and meet adorable pets. Follow famous pets and rescues. Your feed will never be the same again! If you have a Petcube, use the pet camera app to watch your pet from your phone, talk to, play and fling them treats anytime, anywhere. For App-only users, discover the daily dose of cuteness you’ve been missing. Have your App feed filled with pet videos, pics, and even livestream from shared Petcubes. You can play with adoptable pups and kittens, and save lonely pets from boredom. Petcube is always free to download, and can be enjoyed as a standalone experience.
  49. Attend a Virtual Concert: There are many virtual concerts you and your dominant can attend for free (or a small entry fee). Take in the music and performance while rocking out at home, to some of your favorite bands.
  50. Stream a TED Talk Together: Learning something new together can be a powerful way to bring any D/s couple together. There are some wonderful TED Talks over BDSM topics including: “Re-imagining BDSM” and “Bonkers Bonking: Three Strange Stories of Sex”.


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