Five [Poetry]

With tender hands and a gentle heart, you cup the edge of my chin.

Our eyes lock and you see in my heart that I am forever five.

Like a soft whisper, it hides away, for fear of judgment or ridicule.

Yet, when I’m with you I cannot help but feel like forever five.

Five is the age when I felt alive, five was the time when I was so free,

Five was the time when the world was still, simple, humble, and small.

My eyes sparkle as they meet yours and still kaboodle is there.

Like a timid bunny just waiting to appear, I watch you with hopeful eyes.

Will you love me and all of my sides if I am forever five?

Will you accept me and the differences I hold being kaboodle five?

Will you embrace the change and give me your whole heart being forever five?

My tiny hands lift upwards reaching for yours missing you as my Nani.

The babble halts at the back of my throat, yearning to be five.

Give me release. Restore my soul. Take me as I am.

Guard, protect, uplift, and love my heart.

As I be YOUR forever five.


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