24 Quarantine Advent Ideas (And Other Ramblings)

Good Afternoon Friends!

It’s nearing Thanksgiving here in the United States, and that means that everyone and their second cousin is flocking to the grocery store to stock up on food for “the big meal”. And yet, we are also entering a 2nd massive wave of COVID-19 cases. The impact has hit my state so hard that it looks like we are about to go on lockdown again. The first time (back in March) my life came to a screeching halt. I was terrified. While the cases are higher this time around, I know what to expect in “lockdown life”. It may be the “most wonderful time of the year”, but it won’t be wonderful if we infect each other with a deadly, contagious virus! We need to be vigilant. We need to wear our masks, wash our hands, and socially distance.

Like every parent out there living the lockdown life, my daughter has been bubbling with holiday questions galore. “Will Santa come?”. “Are we going to go caroling?”. “What about the community parade that we go to every year… will that be happening?”. Lockdown hasn’t been easy for children. My child is homeschooled so in many ways life hasn’t been that jarred. However, I empathize for the families where everything got turned upside down. “Don’t worry”, I told my daughter, “it’s still going to be a holly, jolly holidays”. My mind bubbled with creativity. I couldn’t let her down. I had to create a list of quarantine advent ideas to count down to Christmas. I needed to show her that life finds a way. Yes, we are in a pandemic. Yes… America is under stress because of this election craziness. However, life find a way to go on!

So, here is my list to you. 🙂 May it bring your family as much joy as it will bring ours.

24 Quarantine Advent Ideas

  1. Drive around in your car to see holiday lights
  2. Sing carols with candles in your home
  3. Bake cookies
  4. Swap dry ingredients in a jar and drop off on porches to friends and family
  5. Zoom Christmas party
  6. Decorate your tree and send pictures to each other via text sharing your creations
  7. Play games online with friends: guess that holiday song, holiday charades, etc.
  8. Share a virtual meal with loved ones. Mukbang together!
  9. Instead of sending Christmas cards… send a Christmas video greeting online to everyone you love!
  10. Make hot cocoa and watch a holiday movie
  11. Wear festive pajamas
  12. Read holiday books together (or watch read aloud holiday books on YouTube!)
  13. Make your own ornaments
  14. Try picking up litter in your own community and give a gift to the Earth.
  15. Attend a virtual caroling service
  16. Build a gingerbread house and show it off online
  17. Virtual holiday party bingo
  18. Play “The Naughty List” game with friends online
  19. Write letters to Santa and mail them! https://about.usps.com/holidaynews/operation-santa.htm
  20. Wrap presents (that you shopped for online!)
  21. Use your amazon boxes to make a snowman!
  22. Cook a holiday meal with your partner
  23. Take a walk in nature (wearing a mask and social distancing!)
  24. Read “Twas the night before Christmas”!


  1. Aww I love this post! Here in the UK though, the second lockdown is pretty much in name only. People are soo mad with the schools staying open and having to work while the pubs and restaurants are closed and the fact that Dominic Cummings STILL hadn’t lost his job! The virus can be deadly, yes, but it’s losing its potency and a lot of people are waking up to that now. I still wear my mask, wash my hands and socially distance from strangers, but not seeing or hugging the people who were in my group of six only a couple of weeks ago? Well.. hehe. We’ve all probably been exposed to it, only my Mum had it bad but she works in a care home. Enjoy your advent though chicka! I’m threading the wooden tags for ours at the moment and it’s been rather fun! xx

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  2. [one-handed, hurt my elbow] we re the new kids here and have only met a few families, so most of my ideas revolve around our ny friends. our family, friends, and staff christmas party will be via webex this year. im going to miss the kids all running around and playing and especially miss the santa, but we ll make do.

    i love your christmas video idea. i cant wait until our tree is up and decorated. it will look better than palms and the ocean.

    our church in ny is having virtual caroling over webex. most of the choir signed up. last year we went around to our older parishioners homes and sang.

    i want to host video parties (prime and netflix) to watch christmas movies together. i dont know if it ll work out, but im trying it. a lot depends on timezone differences.

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