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2020 Self-Isolation Printable Packet for Littles:

Quarantine Care Printables Package for Littles

DDLG 101 Documents:

Cg/l Monthly D/s Relationship Check Up Chart

Cg/l Relationship Questionnaire

Cg/l Relationship Contract

Long Distance Cg/l Relationship Contract

Cg/l Collaring & Vows Ceremony

Kinks and Fantasies Checklist

Intimate Questions For You and Your Partner (Sex Questions Printable)

The Ideal Little Checklist

The Ideal Caregiver Checklist

Cg/l Certificate of Stuffie Adoption

Seasonal Cg/l Date Ideas and Bucket Lists: 

Winter Cg/l Date Bucket List 

Spring Cg/l Date Bucket List

Summer Cg/l Date Bucket List

Fall Cg/l Date Bucket List 

Cg/l Coloring Pages:

Cg/l Coloring Page (Kitten) 

Holiday Printables:

Easter Printables:

Easter Jokes and Riddles for Littles

Halloween Printables: 

Cg/l Halloween Countdown Printable

2018 Littlemas Printables:

Littlemas Day 1: Write a letter to Santa with Your Dom

Littlemas Day 2: Spread Some Love to the Cg/l Community and Message Littles on DDLG Forums

Littlemas Day 3: Go on a Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Littlemas Day 4: Make a DDLG-Positive Affirmation Paper Chain

Littlemas Day 5: Read Christmas Books with Your Dom

Littlemas Day 6: Minimize Your Play Space

Littlemas Day 7: Watch a Little Holiday Movie

Littlemas Day 8: Share a Holiday Cultural Tradition with Your Dom

Littlemas Day 9: Sing Carols Together

Littlemas Day 10: Decorate a DDLG/LB Themed Christmas Tree 

Littlemas Day 11: Send Your Friends and Family Love in an Eco-Friendly Way

Littlemas Day 12: The Sand and Snow Challenge

Littlemas Day 13: Watch or Read “The Polar Express” with Your Dom

Littlemas Day 14: Complete This Cg/l Christmas Photo Bucket List Challenge! 

Littlemas Day 15: Make Each Other an Ornament

Littlemas Day 16: Bake DDLG-Themed Cookies Together

Littlemas Day 17: Play Dress Up & Watch The Nutcracker! 

Littlemas Day 18: Do a Random Act of Kindness Together!

Littlemas Day 19: Play the “Christmas Icebreakers” Question Game! 

Littlemas Day 20: Donate to a Cause to Help Our Community

Littlemas Day 21: Play “Christmas-Inspired” Charades Together! 

Littlemas Day 22: Do a Holiday DIY Spa With Your Dom

Littlemas Day 23: Bake Gingerbread Cookies & Read or Watch “The Gingerbread Baby” 

Littlemas Day 24: Read “Twas the Night Before a Little Christmas”


New Year’s Printables: 

Cg/l Mini-Book for New Year’s 

BDSM Themed Dart Game 

BDSM Themed Bingo Game 

BDSM Themed Crossword Game 

BDSM Themed Memory Game 

Naughty Pictionary Game

BDSM Themed “Drink if…” Game 

Remembering the Year Reflection Printable

BDSM Themed “Finish the Lyrics” Game 

Tweet a Wish on New Year’s Eve Printable

Cleansing Negative Energy Exercise Printable 

New Year’s Eve Selfie Photo Frame Printable 

BDSM Themed Game of Dice