My Books

Big Me, Little Me: A Survival Guide For Littles By LittlesĀ 

Big Me, Little Me: A Survival Guide for Littles by Littles is a book for any Little interested in getting to know themselves better. Along with sections designed specifically for each type of Little, you will find: 100 Dates for You and Your Dominant, 47 Little-inspired Recipes, A 25-day Solo Little Training Program, 100 Songs to Enhance Little Space, 50 Budget Friendly Products for new Littles, and more! This guide is perfect for new and veteran Littles alike. It has everything you need in a fun, easy to understand format designed for Littles by a Little.


The DDLG Busy Book

This DDLG workbook is designed for Littles within the Cg/l community. This workbook contains 50 activities to keep your Little occupied especially while riding in the car. Enjoy the quizzes, DDLG coloring pages, and more as you explore all of these activities designed for Littles by a Little.


“The DDLG Busy Book, Vol. 2”


The DDLG Busy Book, Vol. 2 is the second installment in this activity book series for your Adult Little. This book is filled with 50 MORE immersive activities to keep your Little One engaged, and designed to bring you together as Dom and sub. With games including: DDLG Word Hunt!, Fact or Fiction Trivia!, Riddles for Every Little, The Little Space Music Battle, and the DDLG “How’s Yours?” Game, this 50-count activity book is sure to give you two many laughs and smiles as you complete every game designed for Littles by an Adult Little!



The Big Book of Little-isms: An Annual Collection of Humorous Sayings


This humorous book is filled with 365 days worth of “Little-isms”, or sayings for you and your Little to enjoy. There are phrases and jokes to give you a smile, and a momentary mental break, as you flip the page with each passing day. Hold onto a piece of Little Space whether at home or work, with this DDLG calendar made for Littles and Caregivers, by an adult Little!