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About The Berry Patch

We are an 18+ server of people in the lifestyle. We are a varied bunch of adults who all have different tastes, preferences, kinks, etc. But above all else, we are friends. We are a server that strives for an inclusive, warm, and comfortable environment. We are proud LGBTQIA+ allies and support people using their preferred pronouns. 

For the longest time I have wanted to make friends in the lifestyle. But then the pandemic hit and the idea of attending munches or Cg/l Conventions went right out the window! Yet, my need to find my “tribe” of like-minded, friendly people remained. So, I rolled up my sleeves and began building a place where I could make friends, host online events, and have loads of fun! This is the purpose of The Berry Patch. I want all people to feel welcome to join us on our server, regardless if you are experienced in the BDSM lifestyle or not. We welcome both SFW and NSFW members. (Note: Please note that we like to keep general chat positive, light, and friendly. However, we also have chat channels for more NSFW chat! 😉 ). 

Here is the September 2020 Monthly Calendar:

** Click here to get your pdf of the Sept. Calendar!**

The Weekly Schedule For: 8/23-8/29

Sunday 8/23: Movie Night: “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” (5-7 pm PST)

Monday 8/24: Monday Musical: “Willy Wonka” (9 am PST- Noon) Movie Night: “Lilo and Stitch” (5-7 pm PST)

Tuesday 8/25: Double Feature! “Finding Nemo” & “Finding Dory” (5-9 pm PST)

Wednesday 8/26: Morning Cartoons: “The Magic School bus” (8-10 am PST) Movie Night: “Cars” (5-7 pm PST) & “Nightmare Before Christmas”

Thursday 8/27: Movie Night: “The Princess and the Frog” (5-7 pm PST)

Friday 8/28: Pre-Movie Tea Time (4-5pm PST) Movie Night: “Brave” (5-7 pm PST)

Saturday 8/29: “Celebrate the Sea Otters” Live Cam + Craft Activity (10-11 am PST) Movie Night: “Big Hero 6” (5-7 pm PST)

“Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give”.


Contact Us

Our Discord Link is as follows: